• For graduating high school seniors going on to college or university level study who have attended Clinton First United Methodist Church
  • Anyone meeting the criteria may apply by June 26 of the high school graduating year.
  • This scholarship will be awarded to the graduating high school senior in September upon receipt of the college/university attending and the student identification number.
  • Write an essay on “What Clinton First United Methodist Means to Me”.
  • On a separate sheet, let the Committee know:
    (a.) When and for how long did you attend Clinton First United Methodist Church?
    (b.) Were /are you a member of Clinton First United Methodist Church?
    (c.) Did you attend Confirmation Classes? If so, when?
    (d.) Have you done mission work on behalf of Clinton First United Methodist Church or participated in any of the Cluster activities? If so, list when and what you did.
    (e.) Have you been involved in any community service? If so, list what you have done.
  • Your application will be weighted according to the amount of scholarship dollars in the Scholarship Fund.
    • Essay—30%
    • Attendance—20%
    • Mission Work, Cluster Work and/or Community Service—40%
    • Confirmation Class and/or Member of the Church—10%

Send your application by June 26 to:

Graduating High School Senior Scholarship Committee
Clinton First United Methodist Church
P. O. Box 186
Clinton, Indiana 47842

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