Worship Terms

Acolyte: A person who assists the clergy during the worship service. An acolyte, who is usually a young person, may perform duties such as lighting candles and carrying communion cups, flags, and banners.

Anthem: A psalm or hymn that usually uses words from the Scriptures. In some churches the anthem is sung by the choir during the offering or another time during the worship.

Lay Liturgists/Readers: Laypeople who assist the clergy during the worship service, usually by reading one or more of the scripture readings and leading prayers.

Lections: Bible readings for each Sunday. Usually there is one reading from the Old Testament, a response from the Psalms, a reading from the Gospels, and one from the Epistles. During the Easter Season a reading from Acts may replace the Old Testament reading.

Liturgical Day: A special day in the Christian Year that is recognized in services of the church by distinctive service, commemoration, and/or Communion.

Special Day: A day approved by the United Methodist General Conference or commonly observed by United Methodist congregations. These days are placed within the context of the Christian year but do not take precedence over the focus of the liturgical day.

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Worship Message - January 14, 2018

Pastor Tom Barnett Provided in Memory of Rev. Milt TenHave