Using Our Church

Guidelines for Use of the Church

When you wish to use the church, contact the Pastor or a trustee to see if the date and the area you wish to use are available. If you are given permission to use the church, you should immediately put your name, date, and area to be used on the calendar in the outer office.

If classroom tables are moved, they are to be returned to their original location. The plastic tables are not to be taken out of the church except for church functions.

The old tables are being stored in the barn and they may be borrowed by contacting a trustee. The tables are to be returned to the barn upon their return.

Kitchen items may be borrowed by contacting a trustee. A sign up sheet for borrowed items is located by the telephone in the kitchen.

Food or drinks are not permitted in the sanctuary.

Wedding & Church Use
I. The purpose of these Policies-Regulations-Rules is to serve as a guideline.  Each section shall be reviewed annually at the first of each year in order to keep the document current with the needs.


A. Sanctuary – all uses of the sanctuary for any purpose whatsoever must be cleared through the appointed pastor or a trustee.  No one or group may use it without the above expressed permission.

B. Weddings – the date for all weddings must be cleared  through the pastor as far in advance as possible.  Should there be conflicting dates, first promise takes precedent.  All church weddings are at the discretion of the pastor and scheduled with the administrative board.

C. A designated person or building coordinator shall be responsible for the readiness of the building before the wedding and notifying the custodian of custodial needs after the wedding.   This shall include the church grounds, the temperature of the building, and opening and closing of the facilities.  Any other requests by the couple or their families are to be negotiated.   The organist is to be chosen at the discretion of the couple.  However, it is strongly recommended that the church organist be used. In the event that an outside organist is chosen he/she is required to consult with the church organist prior to the ceremony.

D. The church owns a candelabra, which may be used free of charge.  When candles are used, the couple must furnish their own dripless candles.  Extreme care must be taken that the candles will not drip on anything.  Plastic will be used beneath the candelabra. If any furniture is moved, it is to be returned to the original place.

Wedding Fees

MEMBER FEES: If the bride or groom or the immediate families are members of the Clinton First United Methodist Church, there will be no charge for the use of the sanctuary or the fellowship hall.  However, there will be custodial fee of  $50.00 for use of each floor, $50.00 fee for building coordinator, $30.00 for sound technician, $30.00 for video technician (if requested), and $150.00 for organist / pianist (if requested).

NON-MEMBER FEES: When neither the bride, the groom, nor their immediate families are members of the Clinton First United Methodist Church, a fee of  $280.00 will be charged for the use of the sanctuary (fee includes usage fee, custodian fee, building coordinator fee, and sound technician fee), with an additional $100.00 to be charged if they choose to use the fellowship hall (fee includes additional floor usage fee and custodian fee).  An additional fee of $30 will be charged if a video technician is requested.

Breakdown of Fees:
$150.00 for use of Sanctuary OR $200.00 for the use of Sanctuary and fellowship hall
$50.00 for custodial fee for each floor used.
$50.00 for building coordinator
$30.00 for sound technician
$30.00 for video technician if needed
$150.00 for organist / pianist if needed

Other church functions:
Since the pastor is the titular head of the local parish, ALL church functions must be cleared through the pastor.

Non-church functions:
For any non-church function, consent of a trustee member is necessary.  The trustee member will then present the request of the non-church function to the board at the first opportunity to receive full board approval.  There shall be no charge for use of the facilities by members or the immediate families.  However, a custodial fee of  $50.00 may be required.

All fees will be paid to Clinton First United Methodist Trustee Fund and can be mailed to the Clinton First United Methodist Church, Board of Trustees, P.O. Box 186 Clinton, IN 47842-0186.

Normal custodial fees are $50.00 per floor
Sanctuary fees are $100.00
Fellowship hall fees are $50.00
Meeting room fees are $25.00.

There shall be NO TOBACCO usage in any part of the building at anytime.
There shall be no food or drink in any part of the SANCTUARY.
No alcoholic beverages of any kind may be used in the building anytime.
No rice or birdseed shall be passed out or thrown inside the building at a wedding.


I/We have read these policies and by signing our name below do hereby agree to the provisions.

Responsible Party/ies                                          Responsible Party/ies


Clinton First United Methodist Church Wedding information

NAME OF BRIDE ______________________ Phone _____________________

Present Address ____________________________________________________________

Address after wedding______________________________________________________

NAME OF GROOM_______________________________Phone___________________

Address ____________________________________________________________

Rehearsal Date  & time_________________________________________________________

Wedding Date & time ____________________________________________________________

Best man ______________________ Phone __________________________

Maid of honor _________________      Phone __________________________

Bridesmaids ____________________________________________________________


Flower Girl_________________  Ring bearer __________________________

Organist __________________Pianist  ______________________________

Place of reception ___________________________________________________________

Special arrangements ___________________________________________________________

Minister __________________         Building coordinator _________________

Policies est. 1988
Rev. 2017

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